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Events Upcoming

February 2011

  • Poetry Open Mic and Poetry Series with  Chris Gelling
    , February 17th(downstairs)
  • Atheist/Humanist Alliance Meeting
    Thursday, February 17th (upstairs)
  • 2001-A Space Odyssey-10 Year Re-union
    Friday, February 18th

The Communications Museum will have a concert starting at 8:00 pm, which means, of course, not 8:00 pm, but that time can still be used as an elusive guide for an impossible goal, like a balanced budget! But whenever it does start, it will feature:

1. Opening Band-this might be a band name, or is it just descriptive? I’ll never tell, so you’ll have to come to find out.

2. College Lounge-see above

3. The return of the digital DJ’s “Glass Trash and Kid Charlemagne,” who I like a lot as a source of music, but as a description it reminds me of the perplexing fact that the glass trash that gives my bicycle flat tires is broken glass from glass bottles, which are usually liquor bottles, whose contents are being consumed by people who may not be the most capable of properly disposing of said glass bottles, hence the broken glass trash, while the maligned plastic water bottles are holding water being consumed by people who are generally still capable after said consumption (the act of swallowing, not the disease of tuberculosis) of properly disposing of these plastic bottles! What a world!!……..and all this for FREE! (not the liquor in the glass bottles or the water in the plastic bottles, but Dan Rather the events and admission to a place that will make you shake your head and perhaps your booty, not necessarily in that order…….)

For information contact:

Rick Zender

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