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Tours & Programs

Educational Programs
for grades K-12

The museum offers a variety of programs for students K-12 that are designed to be both educational and entertaining.

  • Museum tours
  • Sensory Awareness Demonstrations
  • Scavenger Hunt (Communications History Game)
  • Old Time Radio & TV Shows
  • Musical Selections from our vast Record Library
  • Magic Lantern Slides
  • Classic Animation & Short Feature Films from the Origins of Cinema
  • Multicultural, Educational & Storybook Videos

Museum tours are personally guided by our staff and can be tailored to different lengths or areas of interest. Visitors are presented with historical and cultural information on the inventions as well as many demonstrations of these entertaining machines. The sensory awareness demonstrations include Victorian optical toys, 3-D photography, depth perception, Sound Bites (hear music inside your head like Thomas Edison did), a sine wave generator, and the Theremin (a musical instrument you play without touching). Our student tours may be given with a scavenger hunt. This interactive game (for grades three and higher) consists of questions and clues based on specific objects in each of our exhibit rooms.

At the end of the tour, students are given a chance to view a film, listen to an early radio program or watch a magic lantern show. Radio was once known as “the theatre of the mind” because it stimulated the imagination. Beautiful projected images from magic lantern slides can tell visual stories, as they were often made in series form on a variety of subjects and are shown in sequence.

For those groups who have lessons on inventions, inventors, and the media, the museum is a great place to explore the early days of communications. History, science, arts, and social studies groups will also find a wealth of information and resources. Learn while having fun!

How to Schedule a Museum Program:

Determine the date and time for your visit.

Be sure to check on the availability of buses or other transportation for the dates you have chosen.
Call the museum and include the following information:

If desired, groups may be shared with the Avery Institute of African American History and Culture, also a part of the College of Charleston.

  1. Name of contact person
  2. School or organization and address
  3. Telephone number (with area code) and “best time to call”
  4. Age/grade level and size of group
  5. Specific program (group tour or special event)
  6. Transportation (Will you be coming by bus, van, car, or walking?)

If the date and time for the program you selected is available, you will receive a confirmation including a map indicating the location of the museum and parking instructions.

GROUP SIZE: Our tours are usually kept to a maximum of 25 students. This is done to ensure students receive the most out of their experience. With larger groups, students are divided into smaller tours.

ADMISSION: All of our tours and special events are free of charge, as we are a non-profit organization.

CHAPERONES: All chaperones are required to stay with their group at all times. It is the responsibility of the chaperones to make sure the students in their group behave themselves appropriately in the museum.

ARRIVAL TIME: Please arrange for your group to arrive fifteen minutes before your scheduled program.

LATE ARRIVAL: Bad weather? Sick Child? Transportation Problems? Please give us a call if you know that you are running late! We will make every effort to accommodate you or to reschedule your visit.

CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULING/CHANGES: Call the museum if you need to cancel for any reason. In the event no one is available to take your call (i.e. you call after museum hours), please leave a message on the answering machine. We will be happy to reschedule. Also, please let us know if the size of your group changes significantly (decrease or increase) from what is indicated on your confirmation.

SNACKS/LUNCH: The courtyard located beside the museum is a great spot for bag lunches on sunny days.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Please inform us of any special needs that your students may have when you make your reservations. Special note: due to its structure, the museum is unable to offer full accessibility for those with physical disabilities.

Resource Center
Looking for books, videos, or radio programs to enhance your lesson plans? Ask us about materials you can check out on loan. Students, as well, can check out available materials for class projects. Contact the museum for more information.

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